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Exploring DCIM for Intel’s Data Center

White Paper: Proof of concept best-known methods for exploring potential benefits of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions.

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Data Center Manageability Interface

Learn how to simplify multi-platform management implementations with the Data Center Manageability Interface, saving time, costs, and maximizing IT.

Data Center Manageability Interface DCMItool: Source Download

Source Download: Data Center Manageability Interface DCMItool source code download provides basic coding, command, and interface examples.

DCMI Conformance Test Suite: User Documents

User Documents: Download the DCMI Conformance Test Suite user guides for Microsoft Windows* and Linux*.

DCMI Conformance Test Suite Binaries Download

Hyperlinked download options for the DCMI conformance test suite binaries in WinZip* format for Windows* and tar format for Linux*.

DCMI Host Interface: Specification

Specification: Defines the DCMI host interface as one that enables the PC BIOS and host software agents to transfer DCMI requests.

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