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Intel® Architecture Leads the Microarchitecture Innovation Field

Intel® architecture innovations are the foundation of Intel's business model and success.

前一代 Intel® 處理器資源

前一代 Intel® 處理器包含 Intel® Atom™、Intel® Core™、Intel® Pentium®、Intel® Celeron® 以及 Intel® Xeon® 處理器系列產品。

Die Intel® Architektur ist führend im Bereich der Mikroarchitektur-Innovation.

Innovationen der Intel® Architektur bilden die Grundlage für das Geschäftsmodell und den Erfolg von Intel.

Inside IT: Cloud Aware Applications Code-a-Thon

Intel IT’s Cathy Spence discuss their developer training for cloud aware applications.

Webinar: PC Refresh in the Consumerized IT Environment

Intel IT experts discuss the positive impact of PC refresh on security and manageability, user productivity, and TCO

Security in Cloud Computing: DreamWorks Case Study

Security in cloud computing is a critical requirement of the cloud provider used by DreamWorks for workloads it moved off-site.

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Security Issues in Cloud Computing: An Intel IT Radio Show

Security issues in cloud computing at Intel, such as data security, application security, compliance, and privacy, discussed by an Intel IT expert.

Private Cloud Computing: Make the Case to the CIO

Here is how to present a plan for sorting out cloud options and fitting them into a coherent system.

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Open Standards Are Dissolving Cloud Silos from TBR

TBR whitepaper from May 2012: Open standards are positioned to drive new levels of interoperability across cloud deployments.

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Cloud Security Survey from Intel

Cloud security survey from Intel captures key findings from 800 IT managers in the U.S., the UK, China, and Germany on security concerns.

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