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Intel® Server Board S2600CW Product Family

Product Brief: Offering many expansion module options, the Intel® Server Board S2600CW provides flexibility in storage, embedded, and SMB solutions.

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Intel® Server Board S2400EP Family

Value board for 1U rack systems designed for embedded environments in industry-standard form factors.

White Paper: Resource Pooling Using Intel® Rack Scale Architecture

Tencent is using Intel® Rack Scale Architecture technology to demonstrate how resource pooling can lower TCO and bring better experiences to users.

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Intel® Rack Scale Architecture Software Getting Started Guide

Guide: Provides info on components, guides, and more for developers getting started with the Intel® Rack Scale Architecture reference software.

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Ericsson Introduces a Hyperscale Cloud Solution

Solution Brief: Ericsson introduces a complete datacenter and hyperscale cloud platform solution based on Intel® Rack Scale Architecture.

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Intel® Rack Scale Architecture: Higher Performance, Lower TCO

Intel® Rack Scale Architecture provides the foundation for software-defined infrastructure.

Under the Hood of Intel® Rack Scale Architecture

Intel's Eric Hooper goes under the hood of Intel® Rack Scale Architecture to show how it can restructure data center and cloud infrastructure.

The Case for Rack Scale Architecture

See how rack scale architecture with next generation Intel® Software Defined Infrastructure can be dynamically provisioned across pooled resources.

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Intel® Open Network Platform for Servers Overview

Intel® Open Network Platform (Intel® ONP) for Servers is designed to make it easier to test and deploy SDN and NFV solutions.

Intel® Open Network Platform Server

Ease solution development and accelerate SDN/NVF adoption with the Intel® Open Network Platform Server reference design based on open-source software.