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SoundGrid* Audio Processor Rides Wave of Innovation

Solution Brief: Audio processor Waves optimizes SoundGrid* on Intel® architecture for audio over Ethernet, increased performance, and flexibility.

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Client-aware Technologies for Virtualization and Cloud

Intel IT is exploring client-aware technologies that take advantage of end-point device capabilities.

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Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions - This paper describes Intel IT’s approach to managing growing demand for storage capabilities without increasing costs.

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Building a Private Cloud: Best Practices from Intel IT

Узнайте о том, как ИТ-подразделение Intel создало собственную облачную среду организации и какие мы получили преимущества.

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High Performance Servers

A server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2680 v2 product family was much faster than servers based on processors from earlier generations.

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Achieve Long-Term Business Value with Intel® vPro™ Technology

To maintain, manage, and protect PCs, Intel IT is using a strategic multi-year initiative to implement Intel® vPro™ technology in our environment.

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資料儲存解決方案 - 本白皮書描述 Intel IT 採取的途徑,要管理對於儲存功能不斷成長的需求,而又不增加成本。

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IT 商業智慧資料管理團隊需要負責蒐集、儲存、處理以及發佈 Intel 在營運上所需的資料。

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Inside IT:在企業中部署 Ultrabook™ (超極緻筆電™)

Intel IT 的 John Mahvi 談論當 Intel 首次大規模提供 Ultrabook™(超極緻筆電™) 裝置給員工們使用時,受益的不止是員工,還包括 IT。


Intel IT 已在設計、製造和安全性等領域,成功完成進階分析功能的部署,使企業的靈敏度和決策能力更上一層樓。

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