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Lightdog Films: Movie Studio in a Box

Lightdog Films specializes in creating customized special visual effects using the Intel® Core™ i7 processors, making creation easier and faster.

Red Hat and Intel: Rock-Solid Mission-Critical Computing

Video: Red Hat Linux 6* running on Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family is an alternative to UNIX/RISC-based platforms for mission-critical computing.

HP, Intel Deliver Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure

Watch how HP and Intel work together to deliver on the promise of mission-critical converged infrastructure.

Video: Indiana University Virtualizes with Intel and VMware

Indiana University uses Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series and VMware vSphere* for VM capacity and performance increase, footprint reduction.

Migrating Mission Critical Systems to Intel® Architecture

Intel IT’s business case for migrating, the challenges faced transitioning to a new platform, and the great benefits derived from the transition.

Water Quality Sensors

The sensor monitors 16 different water contaminants and insures water is safe and clean, and helps to determine the source of contaminants.

Intelligent Transportation Use Models

Research on intelligent traffic systems help manage highways and guide congested traffic, as well as provide guidance in disaster situations.

Fall Risk Assessment

Risk assessment research predicts falls among elderly adults.

Fireball First Responder Tool

Fireball analyzes the chemical properties of an industrial fire and sends information, so firefighters can assess a fire before going into a building.

Lego Retail uses Augmented Reality to 3D Model the Product

Lego retail stores worldwide use augmented reality to create 3D models of toys with the use of interactive boxes.