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Thrive on Consumerization with User-Centric Management

Infographic: Consumerization is here; harness its energy and realize quick benefits with user-centric management enabled by AppSense DesktopNow*.

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Intel® Laptop Processor Comparison Tool

Use this laptop processor benefits and specifications comparison tool to find the right Intel® Core™ processor for your business needs.

McAfee ePO Deep Command* Animation

McAfee ePO Deep Command*animation shows security management beyond the operating system.

From DeskTop to SmarTop*: Citrix XenClient Enterprise*

White Paper: Swisscom SmarTop* workplace solution, with XenClient Enterprise*, provides cost-effective service standardization and customization.

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Intel® Insider™ Video HD Movies

Video discusses whole new level of premium HD movies and entertainment with Intel® Insider™.

Intel® Wireless Display

Wirelessly stream content from your 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor-enabled laptop to your TV with Intel® Wireless Display.

英特尔® 超线程(HT)技术

英特尔® 超线程(HT)技术能够高效地利用资源,支持每个内核同时运行多条线程,进而提升处理器吞吐量。

Intel® Intelligent Processors deliver next-generation PC performance

The Intel® Core family has intelligent hardware-assisted processor features that increase PC performance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Intel® AES New Instructions: White Paper

White Paper: Intel® AES New Instructions set, guidelines and demonstrations.

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英特尔® UMA 新设备枚举白皮书

白皮书: 在 14.X 基线中发生的 Microsoft Windows 设备管理器* 中与英特尔显卡驱动程序相关的枚举的变更。

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