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Introducing the Intel® NUC with 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

See how 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor-based Intel® NUC D54250WYKH and D34010WYKH can shrink your desktop, aid in media production, and more.

Headcandy Creates Interactive Media on Intel® NUC

Headcandy powers interactive media in touch display and gesture recognition on the Intel® NUC for its performance and flexibility in custom apps.

Inside the Ultratop* K3 with Intel® NUC

See the features and components of the Ultratop* K3, including an Intel® NUC board, mounting options, and expandability for customizing solutions.

Intel® NUC and Intel® vPro™ Technology: Collaboration Capabilities

Demonstrates the Intel® NUC and Intel® vPro™ technology capabilities for collaboration through control of meetings, screens, and rooms.

Intel® NUC: Introduction

Introduces Intel® NUC with stunning visuals and performance in a compact form ideal for retail kiosks, home theaters, and more.

Hyundai Interactive Board Powered by Intel® NUC

Experience easy, quick, and smart communication on the Intel® NUC-based Hyundai Interactive Board for real-time collaboration and conferencing.

Royal Huisman Chooses Intel for Yacht Computing

Yacht builder Royal Huisman powers monitoring, imaging, and navigation computing aboard its yachts using the Intel® Core™ processor-based Intel® NUC.

SiComputer’s Productiva Yocto* with Intel® Core™ Processors

See SiComputer’s Productiva Yocto* minicomputer in action, featuring the speed and performance of Intel® Core™ processors and built-in connectivity.

Intel® NUC-based Commercial PCs

Discover commercial PCs based on Intel® NUC, with stunning visuals and responsive performance for digital signage, retail kiosks, and thin clients.

Using Intel® NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE as a Thin Client Device

Intel's Ivan LaPorte shows how the Intel® NUC kit DE3815TYKHE can be used as a thin client device for workstations with virtualization and security.