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K-12 Maker Resources

Explore a diverse collection of resources that include customizable lesson plans, project ideas, design thinking, and more, to get students making.

Intel® Galileo Board Block Diagram

A great tool for quickly prototyping simple interactive designs or for tackling more complex projects.

What Excites Makers in the Movement

Makers talk about what excites them—self-expression, sharing knowledge, creating with passion—in a movement that transforms ideas into innovation.

The Makers: LYT by Second Story

Second Story uses the Intel® Galileo board to create LYT, a collaborative tool that controls touch-sensitive lights and mobile phone activated laser.

The Maker Inside: Intel® Galileo Board 101—Introduction

Intel Labs’ Seth Hunter and Carlos Montesinos tour the Intel® Galileo board and its components, ports, software capabilities, compatibility, and more.

Intel® Galileo Documents and Guides

Find Documents and Guides for Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Galileo How-to

Find How-To resources for Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Galileo Troubleshooting

Resources for troubleshooting Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Galileo Gen 1 Development Board: Schematic

Schematic: Intel® Galileo Gen 1 board annotations and design information with the Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000. (v.4, Jun. 2014)

Preview | Download

Intel® Galileo Development Board I/O Mapping: Guide

Guide: Intel® Galileo development board I/O mapping and function muxing. (v.2, Jun. 2014)

Preview | Download