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Intel® C600 Series Chipset: Specification Update

Thermal and mechanical operating limits, and specifications with reference thermal solutions.

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Intel® C600 Series Chipset BSDL

Intel® C600 Series Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) Model

Intel® C600 Series Chipset: Thermal Guide

Specifications, thermal and mechanical operating limits, and solutions for the Intel® C600 series chipset.

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Intel® C600 Series Chipset/Intel® X79 Express Chipset: Datasheet

Datasheet: Signal descriptions, PCH pin states, system clock domains, and more for the Intel® C600 series chipset and Intel® X79 Express Chipset.

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Intel® C600 Chipset Platform Diagram

Diagram: Shows the connectivity of the Intel® C600 chipset to other technology in an Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family-based platform.

Intel® C600 Series Chipset

The Intel® C600 series chipsets support the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family for servers, workstations, and other devices.