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Intel® Z75/Z77 Express Chipsets: Product Brief

Enhancing PC experiences, the Intel® Z75 and Z77 Express Chipsets feature improved adaptive performance, system responsiveness, and built-in visuals.

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Intel® Z77 Express Chipset Block Diagram

Diagram: Shows the connective relationship of Intel® Z77 Express Chipset to other technology.

Intel® 7 Series Chipset: Thermal Design Guide

Thermal and mechanical operating limits and reference thermal solutions for the Intel® 7 Series Chipset.

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Intel® 7 Series Chipset Family PCH: Datasheet

For Original Equipment Manufacturers and BIOS vendors creating Intel® 7 Series Chipset family-based products.

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Intel® Z77 Express Chipset—Ultimate Performance Tuning

Delivering overclocking for precision tuning, the Intel® Z77 Express Chipset adds frequency speeds and PC response for system boots and app launches.