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Digital Imaging Performance Model Optimizes Architecture

Success Brief: Sensata Technologies creates a digital imaging performance model with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, optimizing system architecture.

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Virtual Representation Simulates System Use Cases

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio virtual system representation simulates customer-specific use cases to view the effects of changes to key parameters.

Telecom Design Optimizes Ethernet Performance

Success Brief: Siemens develops telecom design models using Intel® CoFluent™ Studio and an existing 100 Mbps Ethernet switch, optimizing performance.

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Executable Specifications Validate System Behavior

Executable specifications created with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio enable engineers to test system functionality and use cases, validating behavior.

MCSE Methodology Overview

The MCSE methodology overview provides information about top-down design process, including requirements definitions, specifications, and prototyping.

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Timed-Behavioral Modeling Examples Simulate Applications

Timed-behavioral modeling examples created with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio enhance MDA* approaches for real-time application simulations.

System Architecture Design for Predictive Systems

System architecture design created with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio allows predictive, application-driven system simulations at a high abstraction level.

Simulation and Modeling for Multicore Embedded Systems

Product Brief: Enabling system simulation and modeling, Intel® CoFluent™ Studio provides real-time performance analysis of embedded systems.

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Simulation Modeling and Analysis Boosts Productivity

Product Brief: Share simulation modeling and analysis results with all project stakeholders using Intel® CoFluent™ Reader, boosting productivity.

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Intel® CoFluent™ Studio University Program

Learn more about the Intel® CoFluent™ Studio university program, providing training, curriculum, technical support, and research opportunities.