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Mobile Terminal Models Eliminate Pitfalls

Success Brief: Nokia develops mobile terminal models with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, eliminating the pitfalls of informal spreadsheet analysis.

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Telecom Design Optimizes Ethernet Performance

Success Brief: Siemens develops telecom design models using Intel® CoFluent™ Studio and an existing 100 Mbps Ethernet switch, optimizing performance.

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Contact Intel® CoFluent™ Technology Support

Contact Intel® CoFluent™ technology support resources to complete an inquiry form, make a comment, or report a problem.

IP and Device Modeling Creates Realistic Use Cases

IP and device modeling with Intel® CoFluent™ technology enables users to construct virtual platforms and models for all aspects of system design.

Intel® CoFluent™ Technology Overview

Intel® CoFluent™ technology enables use case and executable specification models, offering performance analysis and system design simulation.

Embedded Real Time Systems Specification Table of Contents

Table of contents for the Embedded Real Time Systems specification, including parts, chapters, and page numbers.

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Executable Specifications Validate System Behavior

Executable specifications created with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio enable engineers to test system functionality and use cases, validating behavior.

MCSE Methodology Overview

The MCSE methodology overview provides information about top-down design process, including requirements definitions, specifications, and prototyping.

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SysML* Methodology for Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

White Paper: Intel® CoFluent™ Studio SysML* modeling rules for enabling the simulation of multicore systems for predicting behavior and performance.

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Digital Imaging Performance Model Optimizes Architecture

Success Brief: Sensata Technologies creates a digital imaging performance model with Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, optimizing system architecture.

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