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Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor Product Line: Thermal Guide

Thermal Guide: Thermal and mechanical specifications and solutions for the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor product line. (v. 002, Oct. 2008)

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Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor Fanless System: Thermal Guide

Thermal Design Guide: Thermal and mechanical considerations for the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor in fanless applications. (v. 001, Aug. 2008)

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IP Telephony Driver Architecture and Performance Measurement

White Paper: Describes IP telephony components with Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor, including acceleration software architecture. (Jan. 2009)

Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor: Overview

Overview: Describes the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor product line, including features, specifications, and applications. (v.1, Jan. 2009)

Intel® EP80579 Software for IP Telephony: Release Notes

Notes: Extensions to Intel® EP80579 Software for IP Telephony Applications on Intel® QuickAssist Technology Programmer's Guide. (v.009, June 2010)

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Intel® EP80579 Software for Security on Linux*: Guide

Getting Started Guide: Obtain, build, install, and execute the Intel® EP80579 software for security applications on Linux*. (v.003, Sept. 2009)

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Intel® EP80579 Software Drivers on Linux* OS: Guide

Getting Started Guide: Instructions to obtain, build, install, and execute Intel® EP80579 software drivers on Linux* OS. (Nov. 2009)

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Installing Accelerated OpenSSL* and Apache* on Linux*: App Note

Application Note: Describes OpenSSL* and Apache* installation for an OpenBSD/FreeBSD Cryptographic Framework engine on Linux*. (v.001, Sept. 2008)

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Software for Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor: OS Porting Guide

OS Porting Guide: How to port released software for Intel® EP80579 integrated processors to an unsupported operating system. (v.003, June 2009)

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Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor: PHY Porting Guide

PHY Porting Guide: How to modify source code and Gigabit Ethernet drivers on Intel® EP80579 integrated processors for other PHYs. (v.009, Nov. 2009)

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