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Intel® 5/3400 Series hCipset: Specification Update

Update: A compilation of device & documentation errata, and spec clarifications and changes for the Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset. (v.31, Jun. 2016)

Intel® Core™ i5-660/i3-540 Processor for Embedded Computing

Product Brief: Intel® Core™ i5-660/i3-540 processors meet performance needs of embedded applications for market sectors. (v.2, March 2010)

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Upgrading Intel® AMT to 6.0 Drivers and Linux* Kernel 2.6.32

White Paper: Outlines steps to upgrade to Intel® Active Management Technology 6.0 to build and run Linux* kernel 2.6.32. (v.1, July 2010)

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Piketon/Kings Creek Platform with Havendale/Lynnfield: Calculator

Calculator: Ensures trace lengths meet design parameters for the Piketon/Kings Creek platform with Havendale/Lynnfield processors. (v.1, Oct. 2008)

Ibex Peak Intel® Management Engine: Specification Update

Update: Device and documentation errata, and specification clarifications and changes for the Ibex Peak Intel® Management Engine. (v.0.57, Jan. 2009)

Intel® Management Engine Firmware Manufacturing for 8MB SPI Flash*

Presentation: Technology overview of Intel® Management Engine firmware kits includes features, SPI Flash* management, and manufacturing process.

Lynnfield/Clarkdale and Ibex Peak Reference Board: Schematic

Schematic: Technical diagrams showing placement and connection of components of the Lynnfield/Clarkdale and Ibex Peak customer reference board.

Piketon/Kings Creek and Foxhollow Platform: Design Guide

Guide: Recommendations for the Piketon/Kings Creek and Foxhollow platform design relating to the Intel® processor and chipset. (v.1.5, July 2009)

Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset: Design Specification

Design Spec: Overview of the platform controller hub of the Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset, including high-level feature differences. (v.2.3, Nov. 2011)

Intel® Core™ i5-600/i3-500 Desktop Processor Series: Spec, Vol. 1

Specification, Vol. 1: Describes component functionality for the Intel® Core™ i5-600/i3-500 processor series. (v.2.1v1, June 2010)