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Voting's New Voice, Brazil's Better Future

The largest electronic vote in the world is in Brazil. A better future driven by intelligent connected technology from Intel.

The Big Picture: A Better Future for Everyone

Intel’s passion of advancing technology builds a better future by helping everyone do amazing things in music, business, health care, and education.

Intel in Israel Designs Processors for the World

Intel’s Shlomit Weiss tours Intel in Israel, where her team designed the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor and continues to innovate new ideas.

Sustainable Energy, Denmark's Better Future

Denmark is on track to a better future producing 50% of its energy sustainably. Powered with intelligent connected systems from Intel.

Medicine Reaches Out, Mexico's Better Future

Mexico will be connected through tele-medicine to a better future, powered by Intel technology.

Technology Brainstorming with will.i.am and Brian David Johnson

Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson talks with Intel's Director of Creative Innovation, will.i.am about the future of technology.

Science Fiction Prototyping at the Creative Science Foundation

An annual event with scientists, designers and artists facilitates a science fiction based on science fact exploration of real world implications.

Magic Mirror, Gesture Controlled Parametric Body Modeling

Magic Mirror transforms the shopping with a consumer’s avatar, showing research in body tracking and the parametric human body model.

The Power of Technology Enriches People's Lives

Intel believes the power of technology can unleash human potential and never stops inventing the future because change is the essence of life.

New Business for Perceptual Computing

Perceptual Computing Managing Director Mark Yahiro discusses how Intel is developing devices to interpret gestures for intuitive perceptual computing.