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Education Locations Worldwide

See the full list of locations with Intel’s educational programs for K–12, higher education, and global entrepreneurs.

Intel® Education Software

Intel® Education Software, customized applications for learning, classroom, and IT management.

Absolute* Computrace Part of Intel® Education Overview

For schools without IT infrastructure, Absolute* Computrace is a cloud-based solution to remotely recover and protect devices and keep students safe.

Education Mobile Device Management by AirWatch*

Brief: Enable IT to remotely distribute, track, and manage policies in a simple interface via Education Mobile Device Management by AirWatch*.

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AirWatch* Helps Transform Lebanese Education with Mobile Learning

Case Study: Intel®-based tablets with Enterprise Mobility Management by AirWatch* offer students new education access and economic opportunities.

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Bett 2014: Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion Lesson Plan

Learning objectives, context, and activity for Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion, with a background on Professor Anderson Gomes.

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Bett 2014: Save Our Endangered Animals Lesson Plan

Learning objectives, context, and activity for Save Our Endangered Animals, with a background on Megan Power and the Design39Campus in California.

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Bett 2014: Emerging Technologies, Accelerants for Deep Learning

Learning objectives, context, and more for Emerging Technologies: Accelerants for Deep Learning, with backgrounds on Wayne Grant and Rhonda Rosales.

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Intel® Education Single Sign-On by EduTone*

Brief: Maximize learning time by enabling easy, fast, and secure access through a single portal with Intel® Education Single Sign-On by EduTone*.

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Life Tests

Life tests us and our devices every day, so Intel tests Intel® Education Tablets and PC convertibles for anything—because endurance matters.