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Agilice las oportunidades para la industria.

Intel ha conseguido agilizar el Internet de las cosas (IoT) del sector industrial con la ayuda de soluciones integrales caracterizadas por un elevado rendimiento y una arquitectura escalable.

Enhance Content Inspection with HyperScan*

Intel’s Chris Clark shows how HyperScan* software enhances content inspection by efficient matching of large data sets and patterns at RSA 2014.

Increase Data Center Security and Speed with Wind River INP*

Wind River INP* software on Intel® architecture demo shows flexibility, security, and speed benefits for application packet management at RSA 2014.

Scaling Deep Packet Inspection with HyperScan*

Deep packet inspection on Wind River Open Virtualization* and HyperScan* demos improved security against threats to virtualized networks at RSA 2014.

Packet Processing On Intel® Architecture with Intel® DPDK

Explains how packet processing on Intel® architecture and Intel® Data Plane Development Kit improve standard high-volume server performance.







산업 환경을 위한 가상화

산업 환경을 지원하여 이전에 분산되어 있던 하위 시스템을 간편하게 통합하며 응용 프로그램에 최적화된 가상화 플랫폼입니다.

Virtualização para ambientes industriais

Plataformas de virtualização prontas para aplicativos para simplificar a consolidação de subsistemas anteriormente discretos dando suporte a ambientes industriais.