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Processing Multiple Buffers in Parallel for Performance

White Paper: How processing multiple independent data buffers in parallel dramatically increases performance without SIMD on Intel® processors.

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The Connected Home

Explore the connected home, where gateway solutions connect devices and appliances to provide Internet, voice, home automation, and other services.

High-Performance Storage Encryption on Intel® Architecture

White Paper: Describes the performance benefits of optimizing storage encryption on Intel® architecture. (v.1, Aug. 2010)

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ADLINK Intel®-Based Gateway Solutions: Video

The MXE-100i series and MXE-200i series ADLINK Intel®-based gateway solutions address IOT integration challenges. (Dec. 2015)

Supermicro Brings Analytics to the Edge with Intel® IoT Gateway

Supermicro’s IoT gateway products offer complete edge-to-cloud solutions for data aggregation and analytics. (Jan. 2016)

Deep Packet Inspection: Intel® Architecture Delivers Flexibility

Multi-core Intel® processors deliver high performance, scalability, flexibility, and security for deep packet inspection (DPI).

Intel Data Center Performance

Discover Intel data center performance in scalability, big data, and HPC, with performance-related benchmarks in compute, storage, and networking.

Brief: DOCSIS* 3.1—Making Gigabit Cable Networks a Reality

Brief: Learn how the new DOCSIS* 3.1 standard enables a new generation of cable services and helps operators meet demand for high-speed connections.

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MimoCare: Improving Support for Independent Living with the Intel® Intelligent Gateway™

MimoCare works with Intel, Wind River, and Advantech to build a powerful solution for the telecare and telehealth sectors.

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DK100 Development Kit for Intel® IoT Gateways: Getting Started Guide

Guide: The Intel® IoT Gateways dev kit includes pre-integrated, pre-validated building blocks to accelerate your designs. (v.7, Apr. 2015)

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