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The Internet of Things: A New Industrial Revolution

Intel® architecture and technologies for the Internet of Things drive a new industrial revolution by integrating end-to-end intelligence and more.

Three-Pronged Development Strategy Ensures Reliable Systems

White Paper: Complementary components from Intel, Wind River, and McAfee help embedded developers build secure, reliable systems. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Intel Paves the Way for Industry and Automation

Market Outlook: Intel’s product range and innovation are the foundation for industrial, automation, and control for embedded systems. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Intel® Technology Provides a Flexible, Well-Stocked Toolbox

White Paper: Intel® technology is like a well-stocked toolbox, with flexible processors that support diverse computing platforms. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Intel® Processors with Intel® Communications Chipset 89xxCC Series

Platform Brief: Intel® processors with Intel® Communications Chipset 89xxCC Series scale to smaller footprints without sacrificing performance.

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Intel® Intelligent Systems: Smarter Embedded Solutions

Discover the world of embedded innovation with Intel's intelligent systems solutions and find resources for developers in the Intel® EDC.

Making Factory Automation More Efficient

White Paper: Basing factory automation equipment on Intel® architecture ensures systems use the same byte order and data language. (v.1, July 2013)

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Dell OEM Solutions Provides Long-Life Support for Embedded Systems

White Paper: Dell OEM Solutions frees product development companies from the costs and headaches of long-term system maintenance. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Development Ecosystem Supports Intel® Microprocessors: Paper

White Paper: Explores how the development ecosystem supports Intel® microprocessor growth, with the role of available support. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Syntronic Uses Intel® Technology for Electric Vehicle Stations

White Paper: Syntronic relies on Intel® technology—architecture and hardware—to develop electric vehicle charging stations (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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