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Intel® EMGD for Windows* Embedded Compact 7: Install Package

Install package for Windows* Embedded Compact 7 (build #1011). (v36.16.0, Jun. 2104)

Network Infrastructure Security and Appliances

Improve network infrastructure security and scalability by consolidating routing and network services on Intel® architecture-based platforms.

HyperScan Helps Deliver 36 Gbps Deep Packet Inspection Throughput

Solution brief: HyperScan pattern matching software scales with Intel® architecture to optimize deep packet inspection performance and throughput.

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Energy-Efficient Technology from Intel

Intel transforms energy-efficient technology into a fundamental aspect of its development.

Virtualization for Industrial Environments

Application-ready virtualization platforms for simplifying the consolidation of previously discrete subsystems supporting industrial environments.

Intel® Firmware Support Package Preserves Frameworks

A package of CPU, memory controller, and chipset initializations in the Intel® Firmware Support Package preserves existing features and frameworks.

Intel® Graphics Control Panel for CUI: Customization Guide 7.0

Customization Guide: Overview, installation, and customization information on Intel® Graphics Control Panel CUI 7.0. (v.1.1, May 2014)

信号処理: 信号処理開発キットで容易に

マルチコア・アーキテクチャーの改良により信号処理がインテル® プロセッサーで実行可能になり、並列化による高い性能を確保できるようになりました。

신호 처리: 신호 처리 개발 키트로 단순화

향상된 멀티코어 아키텍처를 통해 인텔® 프로세서에서 신호 처리가 가능해졌으며 고성능 병렬 처리도 가능합니다.

Processamento de sinal: simplifique com o kit de desenvolvimento de processamento de sinal

Melhorias na arquitetura multinúcleo tornam o processamento de sinal viável nos processadores Intel®, resultando em desempenho de paralelismo superior.