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Implementing Firmware on Embedded Intel® Architecture Designs

White Paper: Design guidelines and technical issues for implementing and debugging embedded firmware on an Intel® architecture system. (Jan. 2009)

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Intel® ME and Intel® AMT 8.0: Product Requirements Document

Product Requirements Document: Requirements, features, and functions for the Intel® ME and Intel® AMT 8.0, for development teams. (v.1.2, May 2013)

Intel® Management Engine Manufacturing Overview: Training

Training: Intel® Management Engine manufacturing overview includes platform controller hub, requirements, flash, and demos. (v.001, Jan. 2011)

Intel® Management Engine Test Suite for Intel® 5 Series Chipset

Package contains Intel® Management Engine Test Suite validation scripts for platforms using the Intel® 5 Series Chipset. (v.1, Mar. 2010)

Intel's WinFlash* Utility

Software: Intel's WinFlash* utility can flash the BIOS on the serial peripheral interface bus region on the platform. (v.1.0.122, Dec. 2015)

Firmware Support Enables Fast Boot Implementations: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Firmware Support Package integrates into a boot loader of the developer’s choice for faster implementation (v.001, Feb. 2013).

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