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Intel® IoT Gateway Development Kits

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Intel® IoT Gateways with Oracle Java: Brief

Integrated Intel® IoT Gateways and Oracle Java yields an application-ready platform that speeds up time to market. (v.2, Oct. 2014)

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Scaling Internet of Things Data Movement with Amazon Kinesis Paper

White Paper: Collect, cache, and distribute high volume data coming from Intel® IoT Gateways with Amazon Kinesis. (v.1, Nov. 2014)

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Application Development For the Internet of Things: Brief

Solution Brief: The Solution Family development framework enables rapid, extensible, and secure IoT while reducing costs up to 90%. (v.1, Oct. 2014).

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Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Overview: Video

Video: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions include hardware, OS, and pre-validated automotive middleware to simplify design. (v.3.7, May 2014)

Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Development Kit: Brief

Brief: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Development Kits include a compute module, chassis, middleware and development tools.(v.1.0, May 2014)

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Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions: Brief

Brief: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions include processors, compute modules, and an automotive platform with integrated middleware. (v.1.0, May 2014)

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Intel® In-Vehicle Carrier Board Comm. Protocol - Service: Spec

Spec: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions carrier board communication (CBC) protocol service layer and data frame types. (v.1.1, Jul. 2014)

Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Wayland Compositor: Guide

Guide: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Wayland compositor (display server) in automotive applications. (v.1.5, Apr. 2014)

Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions Video Application Development: Guide

Programmer’s Guide: Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions low-level camera software development for Intel® Atom™ processors. (v.0.3, Mar. 2013)