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I²C Interface to SMBus Controller - Intel White Paper

White Paper: Determine how to interface I²C* devices and Intel® I/O Controller Hub SMBus controller with analysis guidelines. (Jan. 2009)

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Low Power System Design with Memory Down

White Paper: Design a low power, scalable embedded system with memory down on the PCB instead of traditional memory connectors. (v.001, Aug. 2009)

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Embedded Controller Usage in Low-Power Embedded Designs

Provides overview of embedded controller usage to understand form, fit, function, and use in a low-power reference design. (v.1, Sep. 2011)

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Configure PCI-Express* Lanes for Simultaneous Applications

Configurations for PCI-Express* lanes on Intel® Core™ i7 processors, providing an interface for multiple simultaneous applications. (v.001, Dec. 2010)

Crystal Forest Platform Asynchronous DRAM Refresh: Paper

White Paper: Explores Crystal Forest Server features and methods to enable the Asynchronous DRAM Refresh feature. (v.001.1, Oct. 2011)

Channel Tools: Files

Contains introduction & user guides for channel tools: Intel® Channel Checker, Channel Quality Comparison, and Channel Check Tool. (v.2.0, July 2013)