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Maker Garage Episode 1 | Facial Recognition with Intel® Edison

Stephanie Moyerman and Anne Mahacek explain how to do facial recognition with the Intel® Edison platform in episode 1 of the Maker Garage series.

Evolutionary Cloud-Based Solutions from Yanzi Networks

Yanzi Networks deliver robust and evolutionary IoT solutions with easy-to-install networking platforms that offer cost-efficient local analytics.

ADLINK Intel®-Based Gateway Solutions: Video

The MXE-100i series and MXE-200i series ADLINK Intel®-based gateway solutions address IOT integration challenges. (Dec. 2015)

Maker Garage Episode 4 | Audio and Sound on Intel® Edison

Stephanie Moyerman and Anne Mahacek explore audio and sound on the Intel® Edison and connect a USB headset in episode 4 of the Maker Garage series.

The Motorcycle Helmet That Connects Riders and Bikes

Stephanie Moyerman discusses her team’s Intel® Edison-based BMW motorcycle helmet which transmits critical data between the rider and bike.

Supermicro Brings Analytics to the Edge with Intel® IoT Gateway

Supermicro’s IoT gateway products offer complete edge-to-cloud solutions for data aggregation and analytics. (Jan. 2016)

Two Bit Circus Presents the DIY Intel® Edison Game Console

Two Bit Circus presents a DIY Intel® Edison game console that you can build to play Unity* and video games such as Collidacade*, and Kings*.

Maker Garage Episode 7 | Using a Joystick with Intel® Edison

Tutorial shows how to set up a joystick with Intel® Edison, install the Python* evdev library, and capture joystick input and data from input events.

Beckhoff Industrial Solutions: Video

Beckhoff industrial solutions are next generation industrial technologies that enable end-to-end factory connectivity. (Aug. 2015)

Connected Excursion Concept Demo: Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2. Concept demo features a home and vehicle that sense, respond, and enhance security, moving seamlessly from home to vehicle. (Jan. 2016)