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Wind River Online Customer Support

Wind River support services include person-to-person help lines, product and services details, licensing help, and an online community of developers.

Tutorial for Debugging Intel® Platform with Linux*

Shows how to view tasks on Linux*, hit breakpoints, and compile objects exposed to debugging while using on-chip debugging tools. (v.1, June 2009)

Wind River Linux* 6

Provides features, benefits, and hardware support for Wind River Linux* 6, a commercial-grade Linux operating system for embedded device development.

Create Embedded Linux* Distributions Using the Yocto Project*

Mark Hatle of Wind River Systems describes the Yocto Project* and how to use it to create a custom embedded Linux* distribution. (v.001, Oct. 2011)

DDR2 x16 on Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor: App Note

App Note: Guidelines for using x16 DDR2 memory devices on Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor-based platforms to conserve board space.

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Intel® EP80579 Software Drivers for Embedded Applications/ CentOS*

Drivers: Zip file contains Intel® EP80579 Software Drivers for Embedded Applications on CentOS* Linux* 5.2. (v.Embedded.L.1.0.3, Sept. 2009)

Intel® EP80579 Software Drivers: Programmer’s Guide

Programmer’s Guide: Architecture and interfaces for Intel® EP80579 software drivers for embedded applications, includes memory. (v.004, July 2009)

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Intel® EP80579 Software Drivers on FreeBSD*: Guide

Getting Started Guide: Instructions to obtain, build, install, and execute Intel® EP80579 software drivers on FreeBSD*. (Nov. 2008)

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Complete System-on-a-Chip for Communications, Storage

Product Brief: Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor delivers performance for system-on-a-chip small form factors in communications. (v. 003, Feb. 2009)

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Intel® EP80579 Software for IP Telephony Applications

Product Brief: Intel® EP80579 Software for IP Telephony Applications on Intel® platforms enables acceleration of cryptography and TDM processing.

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