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Improve Software Development with Wind River* Simics*

White Paper: Simics* creates a virtual platform used as a powerful debug and test tool, resulting in improved software development.

Fast Speed of Execution Vital for Embedded Platforms: Article

Article: Explains the tradeoff between speed of execution and level of detail and the necessity of a fast simulator for virtual platforms. (Oct. 2011)

Wind River Online Customer Support

Wind River support services include person-to-person help lines, product and services details, licensing help, and an online community of developers.

Create System Models with Wind River* Simics*

White Paper: Create a full simulation system model using Wind River* Simics* to test software and hardware early in the product development lifecycle.

Wind River* Simics* Product Page

Wind River* Simics* allows full simulation of target hardware to complex embedded systems, optimizing the development lifecycle and reducing costs.

Tutorial for Debugging Intel® Platform with Linux*

Shows how to view tasks on Linux*, hit breakpoints, and compile objects exposed to debugging while using on-chip debugging tools. (v.1, June 2009)

Wind River Linux* 6

Provides features, benefits, and hardware support for Wind River Linux* 6, a commercial-grade Linux operating system for embedded device development.

Building Virtual Platforms for System Testing: Article

Article: How to build a virtual platform for use in system testing with Wind River* Simics*, including model selection techniques. (Aug. 2011)

User Space Software Debug Demo With Simics*

Demonstrates using classic Simics* features such as reverse execution and break pointing to debug user space applications. (v.001, May 2012)

Techniques for Debugging Packet Processing Systems

White Paper: Describes problems engineers face while debugging packet processing systems, with techniques for finding system errors. (v.1, Dec. 2009)

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