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SHA512 Software Package: Software

Software: Package includes family of highly-optimized implementations of the SHA512 cryptographic hash algorithm for superior processor performance.

Enhancing Data Plane Performance on Crystal Forest Platform

Learn how to run the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit in a Simics environment using the Crystal Forest platform to boost data plane performance.

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Intel® Graphics Control Panel for CUI: Customization Guide 7.0

Customization Guide: Overview, installation, and customization information on Intel® Graphics Control Panel CUI 7.0. (v.1.1, May 2014)

Intel® EMGD for Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Systems

Intel® EMGD for embedded Intel® Atom™ processor-based systems enable customized configurations, speeding time to market while maintaining performance.

Intel® EP80579 Software for Security Applications: Release Notes

Release Notes: Extensions to Intel® EP80579 Software for Security Applications on Intel® QuickAssist Technology Programmer's Guide. (v.014, May 2014)

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Intel® Network Connections Tools

Software: Intel® Network Connections tools package for LAN controllers and adapters for various operating systems. (v.20 PV, Mar. 2015)

Customize RedBoot* for the IXP42X Product Line: App Note

Application Note: Provides guidance for customizing RedBoot* to load and execute images with the IXP42X product line. (v.2, Sept. 2004)

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Intel® Embedded Media Graphics Driver v1.18 Feature Matrix

Feature Matrix: Intel® EMGD v.1.18 features for Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx and Z5xx series-based systems. (v.9, May 2013)

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Intel® EMGD v1.18 on Windows 7*: User Guide

User Guide: Information on firmware and software for the Intel® EMGD v1.18 on Windows 7*, including installation procedures. (v.12, Apr. 2013)

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Intel® EMGD v1.18 on Windows* XP and Linux*: Specification Update

Spec Update: Errata for Intel® EMGD v1.18 on Windows* XP and Linux* for use by designers, developers, OEMs, and end users. (v.20, Apr, 2013)

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