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Web, Meet Your Match: Chromebooks* Featuring Intel Inside®

Because Performance Matters

What do you get when you combine the practicality of a Chromebook* with the power of an Intel® processor? One of the smoothest, most efficient, and most affordable web browsing experiences available. In addition to Chromebook’s blazing-fast boot time, having Intel Inside® adds incredibly responsive performance and gives you more power, more flexibility, and more fun.

Lightning-fast browsing

Lightning-Fast Browsing

When you've got the muscle of an Intel® processor under the hood, you can interact with content-rich web sites, stream HD videos, and more—all while keeping two, three, or ten tabs open.

Long live your battery

Long Live Your Battery

Chromebooks powered by Intel are built to run more efficiently so your battery lasts longer. After all, why own a take-anywhere PC if it is always tethered to an electrical outlet?

Effortless multitasking

Effortless Multitasking

With such power and so many built-in apps, Chromebooks are built to do more. Whether you are chatting on Google Hangouts*, watching YouTube*, or checking e-mail, an Intel® processor lets you do it all at once.

No-wait education

Less Waiting, More Learning

Built sleek and durable, Chromebook is ideal for learners and educators, with fast, simple deployment and responsiveness for instant access to rich web experiences and applications—all at an affordable price.

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Intel® Processors

A Chromebook with an Intel® Celeron® processor delivers brilliant performance and great battery life at a great value. For a premium Chromebook experience with outstanding performance and responsiveness, get a Chromebook with an Intel® Core™ processor.

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