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Welcome to tomorrow. Yes, you read that correctly, tomorrow. Because at Intel, we're not only interested in what's happening now, we're focused on what happens next. And we're looking for people of all ages with the same mindset.

Whether you're a current student or have graduated, you'll discover endless opportunities at Intel, no matter your field of study.

Intel Internships

Intel Internships

It's been said that one never stops learning. Truer words have never been spoken, especially if you have an Intel internship. You’ll gain hands-on experience while you complete your degree and real-life exposure to challenging and rewarding work. Put your education to work—accelerate your career!

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD Internships >
Take your learning and skills to the next level...

Finance Internships >
Demonstrate your analytical and problem solving abilities...

Intel's Early Internship for Software Engineering >
First or Second year software hobbyists wanted...

Master's and PhD Fellowships >
Is research your passion? Explore the possibilities...

Considering an engineering education? Explore the unique internship programs developed to keep young students engaged in the pursuit of their engineering degree.



Graduating soon, or have you graduated in the past 18 months? Perfect. Intel probably has a position for you. In fact, few other companies offer such a wide breadth of opportunities for graduates. From business to engineering, undergrad to PhD, Intel can help you make the most of your education.

Associate's Degree >
Put yourself at that core of our business...

Bachelor's Degree >
From the classroom to a career, a world of new possibilities...

Master's Degree >
Invent, innovate, celebrate, repeat...

MBAs >
Strategy, synergy, possibility...

PhDs >
Patents, publications, support for continued research and its application...

Engineering Leadership Program >
Geared for top PhD/MS/BS engineers and scientists in software, hardware, manufacturing and development...

Rotation Programs

Rotation Programs

You're going places, that much is certain. Just where exactly is still a gray area. Not a problem—especially at Intel. We offer programs that allow you to try out a variety of roles, gain a wide range of experience, and explore multiple opportunities. Think of it as a test drive for your career.

Accelerated Leadership Opportunities >
Seeking MBA grads with a passion for technology...

Finance Rotation Opportunities >
For undergrads and grads with emphasis in accounting, finance, or economics...

Human Resources Opportunities >
For interns and grads with a serious career interest in HR...

Information Technology Rotation >
Designed to transform top college graduates into our future IT leaders...

Sales and Marketing Rotation >
For technical grad and masters candidates, or MBAs with technical undergrad degree...

Campus Recruiters

Campus Recruiters  

Come meet your campus recruiter.

Also check our Recruiting Events Calendar and join us at a hiring event on your campus.

Meet an Intel Recruiter on Campus >

Next Steps

Next Steps

You've done your research and decided that Intel provides the right environment and opportunities for you. Now, let us help you take the next steps. Learn more about:

Our Hiring Process and Tips >

Making a good impression and preparing for your interview >

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) >

Student FAQs >

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