Our Values

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Our values define who we are and how we act as employees and as a company. More than simply words, they are something we live by each day. They speak to everyone within our diverse workforce.

These are our ideals, the Intel Values.


There's a strong commitment at Intel to quality and continuous improvement. This commitment extends to all levels of the company. We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence; do the right things right; continuously learn, develop, and improve; and take pride in our work

Risk Taking

Risk taking recognizes that some failures are unavoidable. Some experiments will generate favorable outcomes, while others will lead to disappointment. But even the disappointments can be turned into gains. We strive to foster innovation and creative thinking, embrace change and challenge the status quo, listen to all ideas and viewpoints, learn from our successes and mistakes, and encourage and reward informed risk taking.

Great Place to Work

At Intel, we believe a productive and stimulating work environment is vital to our success. We try to tackle new, exciting, and challenging projects. Maintaining respect and trust is a critical necessity in our very diverse global workforce and environment. The result of our efforts is teamwork, trust, and highly motivated employees. We strive to be open and direct, win and have fun, recognize and reward accomplishments, manage performance fairly and firmly, and be an asset to our communities worldwide.


Our employees pride themselves on their ability to make and meet commitments, a quality we're able to attain by clearly communicating our intentions and expectations. We strive to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism; ensure a safe, clean, and injury-free workplace; properly plan, fund, and staff projects; and pay attention to detail. "Discipline is all about planning. A lot of people think that it's presentation skills, but it's really preparation skills."

Customer Orientation

Intel's concept of customer orientation goes beyond conducting business in the marketplace. It's absolutely crucial that we listen and respond to those who depend on us; our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. We clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations; deliver innovative and competitive products and services; make it easy to work with us; and strive to be a vendor of choice. 

Results Orientation

We strive to set challenging and competitive goals, focus on output, assume responsibility, and execute flawlessly. To help drive that process, we encourage each other to assume responsibility and to confront and solve the inevitable problems that arise along the way. Our well-known practice of constructive confrontation has served us well in recognizing issues early and dealing with them quickly and efficiently in a problem-solving mode.