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Analog Engineer, Digital Enterprise Group
Guadalajara, Mexico

"I think Intel is a great place to work because you can learn so much every day, and this company shows real care about every employee. I love the massage room, table tennis and all the other fun stuff available for us."


What cool opportunity or project have I had while working at Intel?

Since I've been here I've had the opportunity to work on the coolest projects, but what I think was great is the opportunity to work on the Intel X58 chipset and Nahalem-based CPUs. This technology is changing the present world and it's exciting to be part of it!

It is the best opportunity to make a difference in this world. A small part of you, your knowledge, effort, time invested is changing people's life everyday.

If I could do my first day over, what would I change?

Not a thing! My manager was great, my partners were great, and the facilities were great. The best way to start a career!

What has my career path been since working at Intel?

I first came to Intel as a Power Delivery Validation Intern and am currently a Power Delivery Design Engineer.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I love to watch movies and TV. I play softball on a women's league and that's something I really love! In this moment, I'm recovering from a knee injury, but I can't wait to be back to the game.

What's the coolest Website I've discovered?

I love baseballsavings.com as I am a softball/baseball fan. I love surfing around and checking out the new cool stuff they have. It's the cheapest and funniest place ever.

What's the most adventurous thing I've done?

Well there are many of them! I used to be an actress. I performed Les Miserables and Chicago plays among others and I think those are the best memories I have in my life!