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Software Engineer, Software and Services Group
Cordoba, Argentina

"You will have a lot of different opportunities at Intel and will really feel appreciated since employees are really important to our company."


What do I do at Intel?

I work in the Software Pathfinding and Innovation division of the Software and Services Group. What we do is incubate new ideas for software, analyzing whether they have what it takes to become real products. To do this, we evolve the original idea by building proof of concepts and prototypes. Moreover, we evolve the business model around the idea and we make sure that, if the idea is worth investing it, that we can turn it into a real product.

What kind of opportunities have I had at Intel?

The best opportunity I've had is to be a part of a group like SPI. I came from academia, so I really enjoy projects which are closer to research than just pure development. For me, SPI is the perfect blend of research and development.

How does what I do benefit Intel?

What I do helps single out the good software ideas from the not-so-good ones, thereby saving groups that build the software products work and money. We are also in a position to discover software trends earlier, which allows us to make suggestions to the hardware platform groups or to generate intellectual property (e.g., patents).

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I spend time with my family, and enjoy going to the gym. During the weekend, we travel as often as we can. Cordoba is a nice place for tourism and it is full of nice nearby places to visit.