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Sales Centre Manager, Sales and Marketing Group
Swindon, United Kingdom

"It's not just about working hard; it's also about enjoying it. I've at Intel nearly eight years now and it's been really fascinating."


What has my career path been since working at Intel?

I've been at Intel now for just over eight years. I initially worked here in IT (Information Technology). I was responsible for the marketing of software application on a worldwide basis. I then moved into our Channel Marketing. For the first three years I was in the distribution side of the business working with our distributors. And, for the last year, I've been looking at our sales centres.

How do I socialize at Intel?

One of my great passions is football. I 'm able to play with a bunch of guys here at Intel every week. There's about 10 of us that get together and have a lot of fun and try to kick the hell out of each other.

What's a fun team building experience that I've had while working at Intel?

One of my recent Intel pursuits and passions is karting. I never really go-karted until about two years ago. Now I'm a member of the Intel Karting team which I really enjoy. We get to race the tracks around locally. It's a good team building exercise. A lot of fun, a lot to talk about afterwards, and I really do enjoy that.

What would I tell someone who is considering a career at Intel?

First of all, you are being continuously challenged. I personally like that. You don't get bored; you don't get complacent. Another great thing I like about working at Intel is the diversity of the people you work with. There must be at least 50 countries represented even within the office. You hear Russian being spoken, you hear French being spoken, German, Italian. It all goes on—and that's just in the Swindon office.

Why do I think Intel is a great place to work?

Work-life balance is something Intel promotes and I feel that its not just words. You're expected to work hard, and you put in the hours, but if I need to take time off I can do that. You get the balance. It's quite important to us as an organization. I do experience good work-life balance.