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Chipset Design Automation Manager
Microprocessor and Chipset Development
Penang, Malaysia

"We are basically changing lives. We provide opportunities to better life for humanity at large by making technological advances."


What cool project have I had the opportunity to work on at Intel?

I have been working on Chipset all my career at Intel, I have been with the team responsible for migration of the parallel port to USB, and the disappearing of ps2 mouse/keyboard port from laptops. And many innovations, such as DVI, and HDMI.

What's the biggest misconception that I think people have about Intel?

Geek fest! It's not like that at all. Despite the large amount of brain power contained at Intel, people have even larger hearts.

Do I participate in any Intel volunteer events?

In Folsom, my original site, I was very involved with my kid's school. A bunch of us from Intel got together two or three summers and essentially built classrooms and updated several of the facilities. This earned volunteer hours and money for the school. It felt very good to give back to the community.

What's my favorite holiday destination?

Never one place; I like variety. The last place I went was Spain.

What's the most adventurous thing I've ever done?

Had three babies!

What's the coolest gadget that I'd like to purchase?

A 3D cam with gesture recognition to drive my HTPC.