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Software Engineer
Shanghai, China

It's really a good chance for me to have this opportunity working in a global company before I graduate. And I am very lucky that I am joining Intel after my graduation."


What is a cool opportunity that I've had while working at Intel?

Working as an intern software engineer in the Digital Home Group (DEG), I've gotten the chance to work on the latest consumer electronics devices. Maybe you've heard about the International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in early January. Intel demonstrated new capabilities enabled by our SoC CE3100*. You can connect your TV to the internet in the near future!

* The new Intel processor (Media Processor CE 3100) is the first in a family of purpose-built System on Chips (SoCs) designed specifically for the CE industry.

What's the most fun experience I've had while working at Intel?

During Intel's 40th anniversary celebration week, DHG held several activities. I joined almost all of them like guessing words, the tennis ball game using our SoC, and a basketball game using PC.

Why do I think Intel is a great place to work?

I joined Intel as an intern last year, and will be graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University soon, and will then become a fulltime employee. I had a very good time during my internship, and I learned a lot! I could ask my buddy** and mentor questions freely if I ever had any doubts. They were so kind to share their knowledge. Also, there are many courses that I can take in the learning system (Intel University).

** The Buddy Program is designed to facilitate newly hired employees transition to Intel culture. The buddy is a source of information on "the way things work" and general Intel information.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I like playing ping-pong, running, cooking, and shopping with my girlfriends. Also, I like watching American situation comedies like Friends, or other TV shows like Prison Break.

If I could live and work abroad for a year, where would I go?

I would pick the US. I think it would be a great to put a face to a name and work together with my fellow US team members.

What's the most adventurous thing I've ever done?

I came to Shanghai alone on my first day of college. I lived in the countryside and had no idea about city life. I needed to quickly work up the courage to do the things alone, and to live in the big city.