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Intel® Flex+ Manager, Sales and Marketing Group
Swindon, United Kingdom

"Intel is a great place to work because you have the opportunity to work across groups, the receptiveness to change, and our amazing workforce — people make the difference!"


What is a cool opportunity that I’ve had while working at Intel?

By far … the job I do now. I manage a loyalty benefit for the Reseller Channel in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Think hotel rewards and airline miles and add cool Intel products.

It is really cool to me because I love creating communications to our customers, sourcing really cool rewards for them and receiving great feedback when I meet our customers.

Do I participate in any Intel networks or groups?

I recently joined the EMEA Diversity Group—I hope to increase my network and make some great new friends.

How do I socialize at Intel?

Our team has some great quarterly events—this year we had an afternoon on a farm and did clay pigeon shooting and canoeing!

What do I do when I’m NOT at work?

I walk our dog "Smudge", she’s an energetic terrier who loves the great outdoors and puddle surfing! We are also re-modeling our house which takes up a lot of our time—garden next!

If I could have dinner with anyone—past or present—who would it be?

My great-grandfather—he worked on a vibrant dock in the UK and was a baritone singer, a soldier and he entertained the troops in WWI. My Dad tells some great stories but it would be better to hear them from him.

What’s the coolest gadget that I’d like to buy?

I wish there was a gadget to do my housework—that’s the one I would buy!