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Research Project Manager, F24 Process Engineering Group
Shannon, Ireland

"For the last 11 years, I've been working at the forefront of technology in some of the worlds' most advanced factories, making one of the worlds' most complicated products—the Pentium® processor."


What do I do at Intel?

I manage European collaborative projects in the field of Nanotechnology and Photonics so we can maintain the heartbeat of the industry (i.e., Moore's Law), and continue to develop new process technologies enabling increased transistor integration, and improved efficiency at reduced cost.

How do I make an impact at Intel?

What I do has ensured the rapid growth of the internet, enabling e-business, free information transfer and increased learning.

What would I tell a prospective employee about working here?

Intel is a great place to work for many reasons: Safety is a key priority offering a very safe work environment; you can control your own career path as opportunities are many and varied; team work is predominant; and you are well compensated for your efforts.

Is there a story behind my photo?

I just love riding my bike. This picture was taken just before a sponsored cycle ride event I helped to organize at Intel Ireland, to raise money for a small town in South Africa to build a school and health centre.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I look after my two beautiful daughter's (5 years and 2 years), and ride my bike (if there is any time left!)

What's the coolest gadget that I've bought lately?

My Apple iMac* Computer — it has a cool Intel microprocessor chip in it and the design and operation is just so neat, it's brilliant! It makes hobbies such as digital photography and filming a real joy!