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Product Manager, Software and Services Group
Cordoba, Argentina

"It's cool having the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge at a leading-edge company. It's wonderful to feel appreciated as a professional in my field."

Listen in as Andrea and Juan chat about career opportunities in software at the Argentina Software Development Center and what it’s like to work there. 


What is a cool opportunity that I've had while working at Intel?

When I joined Intel I engaged in the genesis of an incipient software product project, which at the time was just an idea on slides. I look back now and remember those days of brainstorming ideas and seeing how those slides turned into one of our present main software programs in our center, involving a diverse number of professionals. It makes me really proud to be part of ASDC (Argentina Software Development Center) team.

If I could do my first day over, what would I change?

Not a thing! After the many interviews (seven — yes our selection process is kind of long, but worth it!) on my first day at the office I felt like I knew many of the people already. The New Employee Orientation (NEO) also gave me a great context and perspective of the corporation and ASDC.

What's the biggest misconception that I think people have about working at Intel?

Many people hardly know about Intel Software. The "You do software at Intel?" question is a classic — it gets even more interesting when trying to explain what kind of software we build!

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I usually play volleyball or take a spinning class. I am six months pregnant now, so I have replaced these with long-walks and some light gardening!

What's the coolest Website I've discovered?

TripAdvisor* provides me with very good information and tips for my latest holiday's trip. I'm surprised at how people have embraced social networks and communities all over the world!

What's the most adventurous thing I've done?

I spent a day trekking in Banff and found out half-way on the trail that the area was known as a main grizzly territory. I did not see or even hear a bear, but just knowing that made the day quite adventurous!