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Hiring Process and Tips

Jobs at Intel

Tips: Basic Search

The Basic Search feature (located under the Job Search tab) allows you to search the jobs database using criteria such as job category, location, job number and keywords.

  • If you select a country using the Location field, another drop-down box will appear which allows you to refine your search by selecting one specific city within that country.
  • You can include multiple job categories and locations in your search by selecting the Add options located under the applicable drop-down menus.
  • Use a comma (,) to separate multiple entries when doing a Keyword or Job Number search.

Tips: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature allows you to search for jobs using additional criteria, such as Posting Date, Job Type, or Full/Part Time Schedules.

  • You can make multiple selections in the Schedule and Job Type sections by clicking each applicable box.
  • To deselect an item, click the box again.

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