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Hiring Process and Tips

Jobs at Intel

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Getting the job offer and joining Intel

If selected for a position, an Intel representative will contact you to discuss the terms of your offer and start date. We will also provide documentation containing complete job offer details.

  • Note: We will contact candidates that we interviewed, but did not select, to inform them that we have filled the position. We strongly urge these candidates to continue exploring additional job opportunities on our website.

After you accept our job offer (Congratulations!), you will receive emails welcoming you to Intel. They will include valuable information to help you prepare for your first day with us, such as:

  • Your offer letter and/or employment contract
  • Your WWID (Worldwide ID)
  • Background investigation* information
  • Your start date
  • Contact information
  • Access the Intel's Blue Room website where you can begin exploring Intel's culture, campuses, benefits and much more

* Allow 10 days for the Intel background investigation to conclude (if applicable)

Shape tomorrow. Starting day one.

Once you've joined Intel and are an official Intel Sponsor of Tomorrow™, we'll provide you with, and access to, all kinds of information to ensure you have a rewarding life and career at Intel, such as:

  • Pay, stock and benefits information
  • Career development resources
  • Our culture, our values, and Intel Employee Groups (provides a powerful means of support for our employees)
  • Access to Planet Blue (Intel's internal social media environment which includes blogs, forums, media galleries and professional networking)

There's more inside Intel than you ever imagined.

We have a host of other cool perks and services available at each site that truly makes Intel a great place to work. Plus, we're continuing to improve our new employee experience. Learn about our Blue Room.

For more information, check out our FAQs within the Candidate Help Desk.