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Hiring Process and Tips

Jobs at Intel

Getting Started

Candidate Profile Tips: 

We encourage you to create Your Candidate Profile so Intel representatives can quickly and efficiently get to know you and match your skills and experience with open positions. To access: 

  • Select Your Candidate Profile, or
  • Select Access my profile located under the Candidate Profile section within the Job Search or My Jobpage tabs, or
  • Select the New Candidate button on the applicant tool's Login page (you will be directed to this page if you apply for a job or try to add a job to a Job Cart)

After registering, you can submit your information in one of two ways. 

  • Select I do not want to upload a resume/C.V.; this allows you to create your profile by manually entering your information, or
  • Select I want to upload a resume/C.V.; this allows you to attach your resume/C.V. (must be in English). The system will automatically extract relevant information from your document and populate part of your profile/application.

IMPORTANT: This timesaving feature is only available the first time you apply or create your profile. You should validate the extracted content and make appropriate changes as you move through the application process. 

Your profile will remain active for one year from the time you submit or update your profile. 

Once you select the method you prefer, select Save and Continue, then follow the tool instructions to create or modify your profile. 

  • Note: The first time through the process you are required to move forward (by selecting Save and Continue on each page) in the defined order, but you can then move backwards for edits at any time. 
  • Once you have completed all the steps, you can jump directly to any page for edits as needed.

Review and Submission

The last step is your Summary page. It will display all of the information you entered so you can review, and if desired, edit it before submitting your application or profile. 

To edit a particular section (e.g., Education), select the Edit link next to the section header. This action will take you directly to the page where you entered your (e.g., educational) information. When you have finished editing, select Save and Continue; you will also have the option to view and print the data in a printer-friendly format. 

Once you are satisfied that your information is accurate and complete, you must select the Submit button. 

By selecting Submit, your information or application will be submitted for consideration, and the tool will display a message thanking you for your application. 

  • Note: You can also go to the My Jobpage tab any time to confirm your application was successfully submitted.

Attachments, Preferences, Questionnaire

Be sure to include all of your work experience, education and volunteer activities—we want to match your talents and skills to multiple job openings. It's to your advantage not to limit your personal information to a specific job. 


  • Include attachments to build a complete* candidate profile.
  • When you apply to a specific job you will have the option to specify which attachments in your profile are relevant to that job.
  • You can attach up to five documents (up to 500 KB each), including such items as cover letters, transcripts, letters of recommendation, certifications or awards. It's highly recommended that one of the attachments is your resume/C.V. in the local language.


  • Specify your preferences* (Job category and Location) from the list, then select Add to List. Repeat to continue adding preferences.
  • Select Remove to delete a preference, or Reset to clear all preferences.
  • *Note: When a position opens, Intel representatives define search criteria to identify potential candidates. The search checks each candidate profile for matches (including attached documents and preferences).
  • Therefore, it's important to specify the preferences that best match your professional interests, and that you include relevant attachments that can increase your chances of being matched to an open position.

Prescreening Questionnaire

  • Complete the prescreening questionnaire (if applicable)
  • When you apply for a specific job, a corresponding questionnaire may display after you view or update your candidate profile.
  • The prescreening questions enable Intel representatives to quickly match your skills, education and work experience to the chosen job opportunity, or to other open positions.
  • Since the competition to work at Intel is strong, it's to your advantage to answer all the questions on the questionnaire (should only take a couple of minutes).