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Michelle Stevens

About Michelle

Michelle Stevens is an Executive Recruiter who supports Intel Corporation’s executive hiring for the Datacenter Group.  In this role Michelle works closely with Intel leaders to recruit and attract senior talent including Architects, Principal Engineers, Directors, & VPs to support our next generation products.

Michelle’s background at Intel includes 15 years of professional recruiting in a variety of roles with executive search and recruiting.  Prior to Intel, Michelle’s experience included 3 years of technical recruiting at an EDA company and for a high tech regular full time placement agency where Intel was one of her clients.  Michelle has a BS in Marketing and Management from University of Oregon. 

Area of Expertise

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Technical Computing, HPC & Orchestration

Contact Information

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email @ Michelle.Stevens@intel.com.



Chief Architect, Storage                                                                          Connect with Michelle Now

The Pathfinding Group within Intel's Datacenter Group (DCG) is responsible for innovation, pathfinding, and architecture across DCG. The Chief Architect - Storage will do this by working across the business groups in DCG on overall SW Defined Storage strategy, implementation, and automation to grow the business from silicon thru to Cloud, Service Provides, Federal, International, and IoT. This is an exciting opportunity to create next generation storage solutions and implement them into an overall strategy to address and grow the three legged stool of the modern data center (compute, storage, and network).

This position will work across DCG to define and optimize solutions that scale for highly optimized solutions such as cloud, HPC, Big Data, and video.


DCG Chief Analytics Technologist & Architect                                           Connect with Michelle Now

The Pathfinding Group within Intel's Datacenter Group (DCG) is responsible for innovation, pathfinding, and architecture (IPA) in DCG. The Big Data Analytics Technologist and Architect will be responsible for pathfinding and delivery of solutions that adapt and extend software algorithms that apply telemetry, advanced analytics, and inference methods that exploit emerging hardware and software platforms.  The successful candidate will directly contribute to and lead a group of senior engineers with experience in both analytics algorithm formulation and mature software development using the latest machine learning and software programming models inspired by the current research in high performance computing (HPC).  Supported Big Data analytics solutions will operate in the cyber security, hybrid cloud, data center, and mobility markets. 


DCG Chief Technologist & Architect – Networking                                    Connect with Michelle Now

The Pathfinding Group within Intel's Datacenter Group (DCG) that is responsible for innovation, pathfinding, and architecture (IPA) is looking for a leader and chief technologist in its network pathfinding. In this role, you will work with various Intel groups, external customers and standard bodies to define and deliver highly scalable networking interconnect architecture and fabric solutions for datacenter, rack scale, servers / Intel silicon hardware, and their software stacks.  The chief architect is responsible to drive innovative network architecture to achieve scalability, low power, high-performance and virtualization. You will work with customers for to co-innovate or develop Proof-of-Concept; internally, this network pathfinding will be able to accelerate Intel IA cloud, server and datacenter technologies and to provide next generation network solutions such as Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).