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Careers for Military Service Members and Veterans

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Is my military experience a benefit to Intel?
Absolutely! Intel wholeheartedly believes in the talent of our highly-skilled military service members and veterans. Individuals with a military background have valuable, demonstrated real-world experience in both technical, management and other skills.

We know that the Military shares our values—discipline, quality, risk taking, results orientation, customer orientation, and great place to work. More than simply words, they are something we live by each day. They speak to everyone within our diverse workforce, and service members who have lived and breathed these values will do well at Intel.

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Do I need an advanced or technical degree?
No. We have positions in both business and technical disciplines, and we value the leadership and generalist skills that many service members bring from their military background.
How do I match my skills and qualifications?
Simply select Job Search to review all the available positions at Intel. We encourage you to search for and apply* to any Intel jobs that interest you.

To help you align your military experience, education, and training with our workplace needs, you can refer to our basic Skills Translator.

Search Tip: In our Job Search, select the Advanced Search tab. In the Keywords field enter "military". This will allow you to easily view jobs that are available for individuals with related military background and experience.

*Note: Before uploading your resume to our database, please indicate in your resume objective your interest in utilizing your "military background".

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Personnel, Recruiting, Instructor Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Training, Staffing, Compendation and Benefits
Networking, Intel, Communications IT, Business Architect, Analyst, Communications, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources
Leadership positions Project / People Management
Front-line, Operations, Support Corporate Services, Customer Service, Security, Safety, Claims
Logistics, Contracting, Finance Corporate Services, Finance, Materials/Planning/Purchasing, Procurement, Contracting
Do my skills/experience translate to a jobs?
We encourage veterans and service members to apply to any job for which they meet our basic qualifications and feel they can add value. To allow veterans to easily align their military experience and skills to those skills in demand at Intel, we've updated our job descriptions to capture military experience equivalence requirements.

To expand the opportunities at Intel for returning veterans and service members, we have also established military experience equivalents to college technical graduates in our manufacturing facilities. And, we are in the process of creating more tools and resources to assist service members and veterans translate their military skills and experiences to opportunities at Intel.

Service members or veterans that also have a college degree or are working towards their degree, can explore the career possibilities that are right for them at Intel using our Student Center Where do I fit? applet.

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What jobs are military candidates recruited for?
We have individuals with military backgrounds working all across Intel. We have a long history of hiring veterans and service members; currently, we have 90 active Intel employees from the National Guard and Reserves.

We pride ourselves on a diverse workforce and encourage you to apply to any job for which you meet our basic qualifications and feel you can add value. In general, though, there are natural transitions into areas like:

Corporate Services >
Finance >
Human Resources >
Information Technology >
Security/Safety >

Intel also hires candidates with military experience in a technical field in the following disciplines:

Engineering >
Manufacturing >
Materials >
Software >
Any tips on how to prepare my resume?
Resume tips and recruiter insights, including how to successfully use social media to your advantage, can be found on our Jobs@Intel Blog.

You can also use our review our Candidate Help Desk which provides an overview of the application process, information on submitting a candidate profile, and other helpful tips on conducting a job search, applying for jobs, interviewing and other frequently asked questions.

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Where does Intel hire?
Intel has locations all over the world. In the U.S., we have several major sites including:

Chandler, AZ >
Folsom, CA >
Santa Clara, CA >
Hillsboro, OR >
Rio Rancho, NM >

Additionally, we have sites in:

Austin, TX >
Columbia, SC >
Dupont, WA >
Hudson, MA >
Fort Collins, CO >
Does Intel offer training and tuition assistance?
Definitely, we want to help our employees grow! Intel provides mentoring programs, individualized development plans and extensive employee training and development opportunities from a variety of sources including Intel's My Learning, an internal training organization.

In addition to job-development courses, the Intel® Learning Network also offers a broad range of programs for enhancing personal and professional growth.

In fact, Intel's My Learning is so popular that it offers over 2,400 technical and development courses to choose from, with the average Intel employee taking six courses per year. While employees worldwide benefit from our extensive course offerings, many eligible employees also take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program.
Does Intel actively recruit military veterans?
Yes, Intel actively recruits military veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve.

In addition to established recruitment efforts such as job postings with military communities and job boards (e.g., JobsCentral Veterans, RecruitMilitary, HirePatriots, U.S. Armed Forces Employer Partnership, Disabled Veterans Outreach Program), we participate in dedicated recruitment events and organizations.

There are also many other ways to pursue a position at Intel. Intel hosts and attends information sessions, open houses, career fairs and conducts interviews across the country. Check out our Recruiting Events Calendar to see if we'll be in your area any time soon. You can also submit Your Candidate Profile* online any time. It will be entered directly into our database, where Intel recruiters regularly search for all levels of candidates.

*Note: Before uploading your resume to our database, please indicate in your resume objective your interest in utilizing your "military background".

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Is assistance available for transitioning from the military?
Intel continually builds relationships with military installations, and participates in key career fairs and events tailored specific to veterans in transition.

We also strive to provide an environment where employees from diverse backgrounds are valued, respected, challenged, acknowledged, and rewarded so they can maximize their productivity and fulfill their personal and professional goals. One way Intel encourages this interaction is through our network of Intel Chartered Employee Groups. American Veterans at Intel (AVI) is just one of our 21 chartered employee groups.
How do Intel's benefits compare to the military?
Intel believes employees are the most important investment for success, and our comprehensive compensation and benefits program reflects that. Our programs are designed to provide Intel employees and their families with the stability of long-term financial security and protection.

In addition to providing a comprehensive benefits package which is competitive with all public and large private organizations, Intel also has programs such as Military Leave for eligible employees who are called to military service.

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What's it like to work at Intel?
Our culture is a great fit for military service members and veterans. Intel has a results-oriented, get-the-job-done culture that focuses on continuous improvement.

Our industry changes quickly and we're constantly facing new challenges that require fast, creative problem solving. Employees are expected to take initiative in their jobs by expressing opinions and taking risks.

We have an open-door environment where feedback and coaching from management and peers is readily available and encouraged. Cross-functional teams are also common. Though Intel is a large corporation, our team structure makes it seem much smaller.

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