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Internship Information

Intel intern employment application forms

Congratulations on your internship with Intel!

As part of the employment process for an internship, we ask that you complete a number of required steps prior to your start date.

Step 1: Intern Employment Forms
Please ensure you have completed the application forms using the applicant-specific URL in the email you received from our application vendor. If you have questions regarding this step, please contact Staffing Services at staffing.services.gam@intel.com

Step 2: First Day Required Documentation
You will need to provide proof of your eligibility of employment on your start date during Intel's New Employee Orientation. A list of acceptable documents is provided in the I-9 form on page 3 on the INS website.

If you are a non-immigrant student holding a F-1 student status, please review the F1 Student Intern Information Sheet (110k PDF) for additional information regarding acceptable documents.

Note: Do not print or complete the forms in advance. It must be completed at Intel on your first day of employment.

Step 3: Intern Relocation
If you are relocating more than 50 miles from your school, please print the Intel Intern Guide to Relocation packet and complete the instructions as outlined in the Intel Intern Guide to Relocation (155k PDF).

Additional Information
Your hiring supervisor and/or intern program office (person who extended your offer) are available to answer any of your questions. You may contact them directly. For questions regarding benefits or employment verification, please refer to the following resources: 

Benefits: (800) 238-0486
Employment Verification: (800) 238-0486 (select option 6) 

Thank you for completing these steps immediately to ensure your required paperwork is received promptly. We look forward to your internship with Intel.