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Webinar: Data Center Optimization Through Modernized Infrastructure

Intel and Columbia Sportswear experts share their insights

Data Center Optimization Webinar

IT is evolving at a rapid pace, and IT professionals are finding ways to provide efficient, cost-effective services to business whether strictly in-house or via hybrid or public cloud services. In this #ITCenter webinar, two prominent IT experts assert that operational excellence begins on premises with a fully modernized data center infrastructure.

Specifically, Intel’s Shannon Poulin and Columbia Sportswear’s Michael Leeper discuss:

  • The path to software-defined infrastructure – Up-to-date server processing resources are critical components of holistic, dynamic management and control of cloud services.
  • Why hardware is more than horsepower – The importance of server supportability, lifecycle management, roadmapping, licensing, pricing and more.
  • Keeping physical servers current – Methodically retiring legacy infrastructure to take advantage of new hypervisor and OS capabilities, gain higher RAM density, and more.
  • Refining cloud service cost models – IT becomes a stronger strategic partner by thoroughly assessing cloud service cost models and advertising their value.
  • IT as the broker of trust – Supporting the business based on a definitive map of infrastructure and services inside and out, and placing workloads to leverage specific capabilities and cost models.

Data Center Optimization Through Modernized Infrastructure
Thursday, October 31st, 2013

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