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Intel Terms and Conditions for Customer Quotes Used for Promotions

I, on behalf of myself or my company (the “Provider”), hereby grant permission to Intel Corporation and its worldwide subsidiaries and contractors (“Intel”) to display and reproduce the listed Properties, so long as the Properties are used as part of an Intel Promotional Activity. I understand and acknowledge that this permission is a release of any claims by me or my company for any copyright or trademark infringement with respect to the Intel Promotional Activity.
CONDITIONS: The permission granted in this release is further restricted to the following conditions on public displays of the Properties in an Intel Promotional Activity on our website or in email campaigns.

Other Terms and Acknowledgements:
• I warrant that I have the authority to execute this release on behalf of myself and, if I am employed by a company, also on behalf of my company.
• Intel maintains editorial control of the materials created for an Activity.
• Intel has no obligation to display the Properties, or to provide compensation
• Intel does not acquire any ownership interest in the Properties as a result of this Release
• Intel owns all copyrights to any photographs or video footage it takes and to any of the derivative works created as a result of this Release.
• I understand that I can terminate this Release upon 30 days written notice; but this Release shall remain effective for those Activities that Intel incurred financial obligations to perform prior to termination or when necessary to deplete inventory of materials that existed at time of termination.
• I warrant and represent that any statements made by me to Intel under this Release are true, and portray my honest belief and understanding about Intel and its products.