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    Pit your IT knowledge against your peers in the IT Manager: Duels game—where you can deploy cutting-edge technologies and wield colossal budgets to crush your peers’ IT infrastructures.

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    Get your questions answered during Intel IT Center Talk to an Expert webinars and in-person, members-only events.

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IT Manager Duels Game

IT Manager: Duels - Play Now
  • Are you an IT legend?

    Pit your skills against those of your peers. Drag and drop icons to build the most efficient infrastructure and deliver your company’s mission-critical objectives.

  • Choose your opponent

    Take on the fiendishly clever computer opponent to practice new strategies, and then go head-to-head with your IT peers from all over the world.

  • Upgrade your assets

    Rack up career points and upgrade your company’s assets to get an edge on the competition. Earn 20 points every time one of your friends registers.

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