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Transforming Sales Productivity with Social Collaboration

Intel IT and Sales and Marketing formed a team to improve collaboration capabilities and provide individual productivity gains. This team created a scalable social collaboration framework that integrates business systems and provides flexibility for the evolving way employees work. This powerful new way of conducting business is increasing revenue as it improves customer insights and productivity.

Building on Intel’s Advanced Collaboration Environment (ACE) strategy, Intel IT implemented a social collaboration platform that enables sales teams to discover content and participate in focused, relevant discussions. This platform has opened up the collective intelligence of the sales organization.

Technology was only part of the solution. We needed to transform business processes and change employee behavior to fully realize the potential of social collaboration..
• Developed a sales collaboration model to understand the obstacles to and opportunities for sharing, as well as discover how to deliver personal value to employees
• Evaluated and selected a social collaboration platform to integrate with core business systems
• Built a scalable framework that promoted asynchronous collaboration and coalesced disconnected content such as emails, documents, and meeting notes into interrelated conversations in a central, logical location
• Employed transition change management, which involved executive leadership, a community manager strategy, well-planned communication, training, advocates, and incentives
• Engaged employees through proofs of concept and early adopter programs, and provided them with personal productivity gains

Social collaboration has transformed the way employees work. By changing the way employees engage with each other Sales and Marketing can advance opportunities more quickly, make decisions more rapidly, and better understand customer needs.

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