Accelerating Genome Analysis Using Intel® Reference Architecture

Executive Summary

The dramatic reduction in whole human genome sequencing costs, combined with the increasing performance gains in computing technology, are revitalizing the healthcare and life sciences industries in ways only imagined a few years ago.

In fact, the healthcare and life sciences industries are reaching an exciting new inflection point, where they are shifting from popu...lation-based healthcare to personalized medicine and where diagnostics and treatments are prescribed based on each person’s health history and genetic profile.

But many technical and policy challenges remain that must be addressed to enable ubiquitous genomics-based medicine and research. While recent U.S. and European laws have gone a long way in evolving healthcare and healthcare research policy, there is still much work to do on the technical infrastructure to enable ubiquitous genomics at scale.

This paper begins to address one of those technical challenges that illustrates the need for data platform technology innovation.

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