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The Right Computing Platform for Real-World Testing: Brief

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The Right Computing Platform for Real-World Testing: Brief

As network devices become more content aware, it takes more than blasting traffic to test networks and data infrastructures. Instead of just forwarding packets, these intelligent devices implement various policies, like security and quality of service provisioning, that are based on packet content. Consequently, test labs evaluating today’s infrastructures need to simulate real-world traffic that emulates actual user behavior with respect to overall throughput and transaction types. For example, an e-commerce infrastructure should be tested with traffic profiles representing typical back-and-forth, encrypted and unencrypted transactions between clients and servers. This is achievable with test solutions based on Intel® multi-core processors that have the flexibility and performance needed to support dynamic, two-way traffic and thoroughly test computing infrastructure. Test platforms lacking the requisite flexibility are limited to sending only one-way traffic to devices under test.

Inadequate infrastructure testing can be costly. Recently, the volume of traffic created by a major U.S. airline’s online fare sale resulted in a five-hour outage and poor performance on their website. The loss of revenue and damage to customer goodwill and corporate reputation could have been avoided with more thorough performance and capacity testing. When performed with the appropriate tools, load testing helps service providers and enterprises achieve their availability and security goals, as well as enables cost savings, reduced time to market, and higher user satisfaction

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