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Customizing RedBoot* for the IXP42X Product Line: App Note

The bootloader is a fundamental software component for most computer systems; it provides the initialization sequence for the processor and hardware components so that the system is operational. Primarily intended to boot Linux* RedHat*; RedBoot* is the bootloader provided for the IXDP425/IXCDP1100 development platform. RedBoot* is provided in both binary and source form, and is developed and maintained by RedHat*. For further information regarding RedBoot*, see

Note that potential issues arise when product development shifts from the IXDP425/IXCDP1100 platform to a prototype/custom baseboard. This shift will likely involve modification of the RedBoot* source code to support the custom board design. So a fundamental question is:

“What does RedBoot* need to do (or be modified to do) in order to support my custom board and the product that I am intending to ship?”

In many cases, the default bootloader source configuration is acceptable; there may be no need to modify RedBoot*, but the default configuration may not be acceptable for your final product.

Read the full Customizing RedBoot* for the IXP42X Product Line Application Note.

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